"American Girl" screens in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Vancouver.

"American Girl" was selected to screen at the DTLA Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Peachtree Village International Film Festival in Atlanta and the Vancouver International Black Film Festival.

Principal photography on "American Girl" has wrapped. The project is currently in post production.

Bottom of The Net Filmworks is currently in production on "American Girl".

Bottom of The Net Filmworks is currently in production on "American Girl". After an argument with her emotionally abusive step-father, a 19 year-old girl from South Georgia moves to Atlanta with no job or money and is forced to survive by any means necessary.

"All That Matters" has been acquired by Indie Rights!

"All That Matters" has been acquired by Indie Rights for Domestic Distribution! We will provide the release dates and where it will be available shortly.

"All That Matters" is now available in the UK on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

"All That Matters" is streaming now!

BayView Entertainment acquires "All That Matters".

BayView Entertainment has acquired the domestic digital and retail rights to "All That Matters". The film will be available on digital platforms and in stores late spring 2020.

"All That Matters" Photo Shoot

Cast members Pamela Ricardo, Christopher Martin and Monyetta Shaw at the photo shoot for "All That Matters”.

Poster for "All That Matters”.


"All That Matters" Teaser and Scene Clip



"All That Matters" Promo


Here is the first promotional photo for "All That Matters" . You can also follow us on Instagram - @atmpicture , Twitter - @atmpicture and Facebook @Allthatmattersthemovie. We will provide periodic updates which will include scene clips , the trailer , promotional photos , production photos as well as screening and release info.

"All That Matters"


Bottom of The Net Filmworks has completed production on the feature film "All That Matters" starring Christopher Martin and Pamela Ricardo. Alfred Robbins wrote and directed the film. Sharlene Falls was the Executive Producer. The film is about an insurance adjustor who wants to be a travel blogger. His conservative girlfriend wants him to keep his stable job. He meets a bohemian woman who supports his creative aspirations. "Jay" has a decision to make: Live his dream or help someone else live theirs. The project will be released in 2019. Please visit the "All That Matters" Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates. #Allthatmattersthemovie

"Grapes on a Vine"


Our 2008 Award nominated film "Grapes on a Vine" is available to watch for free for a limited time on The film is about two couples with secrets that go on a camping trip with tragic results. The film premiered at the 2008 Pan African Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Director First Feature Film. Click here to watch:

"The Next Day" closes in on 5 Million views on Youtube!


By the time you read this our film , "The Next Day", will have exceeded 5 million views on Youtube. Not bad for an independent film made with no crew and all natural lighting. The film was acquired by Maverick Entertainment and was released nationally at Walmart and Redbox.

Behind the scenes video now available.


Behind the scenes footage and interviews from MISTAKEN, The Next Day and Grapes On a Vine is now available.


Days after the 2016 presidential election, a woman is not convinced of the authenticity of President Trump's election or his ability to govern. She decides she will no longer participate in the democratic process.


"Thought" focuses on the profound effect that world events have on individuals. We will expand this exploration in the feature film "The Deliberation". An updated homage to
"12 Angry Men", "The Deliberation" is about a diverse group of jurors who deliberate to decide the fate of a 70 year-old woman accused of killing her terminally husband. Although not uncovered during the jury selection process, we witness episodes in the private lives of jurors where they have engaged in murder, prostitution, insurance fraud, collegiate recruiting violations, assault and statutory rape. The number of obstacles on the path to an honest assessment of the facts is a constant threat to the deliberation process. Will this jury come together to find a verdict of either "guilty", "not guilty" or will it be a hung jury?
"The Deliberation" will be unsettling yet familiar as we discover some of ourselves in these characters. We come to understand the best and worst of being judged by a jury of one's peers. The shocking ending will make the audience question whether or not our jury system is truly the best in the world. One page synopsis and one sheet is available upon request. Please contact us at

"The Deliberation" is in development

The Deliberation" is an engrossing examination of a diverse group of 12 jurors who are brought together to render a just verdict. An elderly woman is on trial for the first degree murder of her husband of 50 years. The film is a powerful expose' of the American judicial system and the flawed individuals who make the wheels of justice turn.