The Team

Sharlene Falls

Sharlene Falls hails from Alton, Virginia. In 2008 she secured the financing for "Grapes on a Vine" which screened at the 2008 Pan African Film festival, Twin Cities Black Film festival and the San Antonio Film festival. In 2012 she produced "The Next Day" which screened at seven domestic film festivals and was acquired by Maverick Entertainment in 2014 and is available at various outlets including Redbox and Walmart. To date, "The Next Day" has received over 10 million Youtube views. Sharlene also negotiated the contract for "Mistaken" (AKA "Raltat") and served as executive producer. "Mistaken" was shot in North Africa and the Washington D.C. metro area. Mistaken was acquired by Leomark Studios. "Mistaken" (AKA "Raltat") was recognized by the Women Film Critics Circle as one of the best films about a woman not theatrically released. Mistaken was acquired by Leomark Studios. The film is available on various digital platforms including VOD.